Illustration: Master of Plusses


G+ is a place I don't visit often these days, cuz only the same three types of people ever post there. Ya got:

1) POLITICS GUY who posts videos of New York's finest driving over occupy protesters;

2) POP CULTURE GUY who posts movie trailers and comic book covers, and;

3) WEBCOMIC GIRL who posts announcements of her new swag, photos of her new swag and links to buy her swaggy swagger swag.


Now, I love these people. They're great. But there's a fourth type of G+ poster: the METAPOST SUPERSTAR.


Bearman is the creative force behind Bearman Cartoons, and he's a highly-active member of the Google+ community. He's always helping, sharing, giving tips, posting tricks, linking tutorials, +1-ing like a fiend and responding to as many commenters as humanly possible. As a bonus, he's got a great sense of humour, an incisive wit and the dude is very well-connected. He's a great role model for anyone who truly wants to get the most out of social media. Circle this dude NOW.

So I recently wanted to give back to Bearman for all his personal attention, patience and pimpage. The problem was, how on earth was I going to come up with something that was as funny, as topical and as memorable as the cartoons and caricatures Bearman himself puts out? Well, it took me a long time, but I finally solved my lulz equation with a bit of accidental wordplay and a tribute to my old fave band, Metallica:




By equating PUPPETS with PLUSSES, I was able to close the loop on Google, connectedness and pop culture savviness.

Here's my final art:



It took me about 15 hours to make this piece, and it was all done in Photoshop, except for the Bearman logo, which was drawn in Illustrator using a vanishing point and loosely tracing over the original Metallica logo.

But be warned. By merely looking at this JPEG, you've just committed a DMCA violation. And should you download this image to any device whatsoever, we will all be sued by Metallica and sent to GitMo.

And I fully understand that for making this art piece, I have become The Thing That Should Not Be.